Frankfurt International Airport to build LCC terminal

By: Theo Nichols

August 30 2017

Frankfurt International Airport (also known as Frankfurt am Main) has filed plans to construct a new low cost carrier terminal. The new low cost terminal, to be named Pier G, will be constructed in three phases with the first phase ready by 2020. When finished, Pier G will be able to serve 7 million passengers.

Currently low cost carriers only have a 2% market share at Frankfurt am Main.

Fraport executive board chairman Stefan Schulte maintained that “Frankfurt is and will remain a hub airport. However, the development of the aviation market as a whole means that, in addition to the traditional full-service offering, we have to take the needs of low-cost providers into account and continuously enhance our processes.”

Traditionally, low cost carriers have served Frankfurt Hahn International Airport in lieu of Lufthansa’s fortress hub at Frankfurt International. Bucking this trend, European LCCs have expanded aggressively into business-travel oriented markets, attacking the heart of the legacy model.

The most prominent example is Ryanair, which began flights from Frankfurt am Main in March of this year, a direct challenge to Lufthansa. By the end of this year, Ryanair will serve more than 20 destinations from Frankfurt am Main.

Air Berlin’s bankruptcy has given LCCs another avenue into the German market. EasyJet and Ryanair have both made offers for part of Air Berlin’s assets.

The bottom line is that with the LCCs expanding rapidly in Germany, Frankfurt am Main is aiming to capture a greater share of the low-cost market through the construction of a low cost terminal.

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