Blue Origin attracts two more customers for New Shepard and New Glenn launches

By: Theo Nichols

October 13, 2017

Blue Origin New Glenn, Credit: YouTube

Two customers have signed up for launches on Blue Origin’s New Glenn and New Shepard launch vehicles. Mu Space Corporation, a mobile communications firm based in Thailand, will be launching a satellite on Blue Orgin’s New Glenn rocket.

“We have entered into an agreement with mu Space on a future launch of a geostationary satellite aboard New Glenn early in the next decade,” Meyerson said. “We look forward to launching mu Space to serve the people of Thailand and the Asia-Pacific region.”

Mu Space is Blue Origin’s third customer for the New Glenn. Eutelstat was New Glenn’s first announced customer, with one launch booked, and OneWeb was New Glenn’s second with five launches booked. The New Glenn is Blue Origin’s reusable heavy-lift rocket that will be capable of carrying up to 99,210 pounds of payload to low earth orbit (LEO) in a three stage configuration. First launch of the New Glenn is scheduled for 2020.

Shifting to the New Shepard, Solstar will be testing its Schmitt Space Communicator on two upcoming test flights of the third iteration of the New Shepard launcher, Blue Origin’s suborbital rocket designed to ferry space tourists. Solstar’s Schmitt Communicator provides internet connectivity for astronauts and tourists in space. Solstar’s test flight is being funded by NASA through the Flight Opportunities Program, which provides funding for nascent technologies to ride on commercial launches. Solstar wants to be in a position to charge New Shepard passengers for commercial internet access in space. The first launch of the New Shepard with paying customers is scheduled for 2019, according to Blue Origin’s latest timeline.

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