Drone crashes into commercial aircraft, according to Transport Canada

By: Theo Nichols

October 16, 2017

Credit: Wikimedia

Transport Canada has confirmed that a collision occurred between a drone and a SkyJet turboprop on approach to Quebec City airport. Minor damage to the aircraft was reported. It is the first incident between a drone and a commercial aircraft in Canada.

“Although the vast majority of drone operators fly responsibly, it was our concern for incidents like this that prompted me to take action and issue interim safety measures restricting where recreational drones could be flown. I would like to remind drone operators that endangering the safety of an aircraft is extremely dangerous and a serious offence,” said Minister of Transport Marc Garneau.

Earlier this year, the government of Canada implemented restrictions on drone operations within 3.5 miles of airports and above an altitude of 300 feet. At the time of the collision, the drone was estimated to be about 3 miles from Quebec International airport and 1500 feet in the air.

According to Transport Canada, close to 1600 drone incidents have been reported year-to-date with 130 deemed of aviation safety concern.

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