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DJI pushes further into the enterprise market with the launch of FlightHub

Chinese drone manufacturer DJI, which controls 80% of the consumer drone market, is pushing further into the enterprise market with the launch of a new drone operations management platform called FlightHub, an updated software development kit (SDK) with an emphasis on autonomous flight, and the introduction of two new DJI Wind series drones.

FlightHub is a web-based flight operations management application that enables enterprise operators to track real-time flight operations, flight data, drone fleets, and pilot teams. With FlightHub, DJI which is primarily a hardware company, is looking to enter all facets of the drone industry. Unable to compete with DJI on the hardware front, many drone companies such as 3DR Robotics have turned to drone software and analytics as major sources of revenue.

With FlightHub, DJI is making a push to control the entire enterprise drone ecosystem. While still unable to provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions at the level of Kespry and other major industry players, DJI’s wide-range of available software through the DJI SDK and the newly released FlightHub operations management application gives DJI an added boost in the much more competitive operations, software, and analytics side of the drone industry.

DJI also introduced two new versions of its Wind series drones (the Wind 4 and the Wind 8), DJI’s highly-customizable wind and water resistant drones built for enterprise customers. The new DJI Wind 4 can carry payloads up to 30 pounds while the DJI Wind 8, an eight-armed octocopter platform, is built for flight stability and control in the toughest of conditions.

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